Learning Pool team

Improving organisations

Learning Pool helps organisations who need to train large numbers of people quickly and cost effectively so that they can deliver better services for their customers, citizens and guests.

We do this by offering a complete learning solution that we deliver as a service to empower customers to build, publish and report on learning that’s completely tailored to their needs. 

Sharing is good

Sharing best practice whilst also saving money is even better and this is the heart of what Learning Pool is all about.  Our customers share the e-learning resources they create with each other and use our software to repurpose it, if needed.

A strong community can be a really powerful thing

We work hard to create and maintain one of the world’s biggest and most active online communities where members share best practice, expertise and resources.

Community members get support from our team of customer service professionals who know the public sector well which means that they can add value and get the job done.

Always listening

We’re committed to delivering excellent, relevant and cost effective products to our customers.  We actively listen to what our members want and build those products using the best technology we can find, normally from the open source community.  We don’t like to reinvent the wheel.

Our customers keep us on track

We listen hard to our customers and actively seek their input to our plans and ideas.  Every quarter we get together with our Steering Group which is made of up of our customers.

At our meetings we typically share our latest business developments, software upgrade roadmaps and plans for new products and services.  We ask for feedback to ensure that what we’re developing is just right for our audience.

It’s good to work here too

For our staff, our commitment is to give a rewarding and challenging career with the chance to step outside comfort zones and be part of a dynamic and exciting growth story.  Learning Pool is run by its founders.  We’ve always been profitable and we reinvest our profits to grow the business.


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