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30 October 2014

Hot on the heels of its success at the Learning Pool Live conferences earlier in the month, we decided to take the Adapt Learning masterclass online through a series of free webinars. Adapt Learning...
Posted by: Lisa McGonigle | Comments: 0
The Care Act & Care Certificate 2015

The Care Act & Care Certificate

29 October 2014

To account for the changes that come into force with The Care Act & Care Certificate 2015, we are making a lot of changes to our Adult Social Care Suite.  First is the creation of a...
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future of learning technology

The future of learning technology

27 October 2014

Following on from my last blog post I've been asked to give my thoughts on the future direction of learning technology. It’s traditional for me at this point to quote William Gibson, “The future is...
Posted by: Ryan Adams | Comments: 1

What’s it like to keynote?

22 October 2014

Donald H Taylor, Learning Technologies Conference Chairman shares his thoughts on his first Learning Pool event. “Keynote” sounds grand doesn’t it? Like the key stone that keeps an arch in...
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