Happy 1st birthday to Bracknell Forest Council’s E-learning Zone

December 12, 2012 by Dawn Stacey

Whilst some organisations may not feel the need to publicise an anniversary of the launch of their Dynamic Learning Environment (DLE), Bracknell Forest Council‘s learning and development team members Janine Watkins and Sean Ryan wanted to mark the occasion by sharing with their staff some of the successes of e-learning during the year.

These included:

  • 1,500 courses completed during the year
  • The majority of the 1,700 employees have logged into the DLE
  • A more diverse range of training available to staff at all times
Happy birthday to Bracknell Forest Council's E-Learning Zone

Feedback from management and staff has been very positive and all agree that e-learning is here to stay!

Nurturing Bracknell Forest’s E-Learning Zone

Part of Bracknell Forest Council’s success is attributed to their ongoing commitment to nurturing the e-learning zone and keep it fresh and vibrant as well as keep marketing it.

This has helped maintain momentum and driven up the use of e-learning.

So, it was no surprise on their birthday to not only see a block highlighting the number of course completions that year and the running ticker tape highlighting other messages of success,  but also a cascading looped animation of birthday balloons floating around the front of the e-learning zone (pictured above).

Hear what Janine & Sean think about the Learning Pool DLE:

Hosting over 100 e-learning courses

Behind the lovely animated characters you will see on the front screen of the Bracknell Forest Council DLE (via the ‘Home’) button, are over 100 e-learning courses on a range of topics which cover every aspect of the Learning and Development arena in the council.

This includes content for inductees, compliance training, safeguarding, ICT, personal development and also management development.

Interactive and engaging content

Similarly throughout the course pages and within the modules themselves, learners will find similar images and animations along with interactive and engaging content around important learning points, which provides them with an enjoyable positive learning experience.

Creating a fun environment is a great way to get learners engaged in e-learning and more ideas for this can be found in another of our blogs entitled ‘Bring on the Fun to get Learners Engaged‘.

How achieving buy-in from the top helps 

Part of Bracknell Forest Council’s success in embedding an e-learning culture has been down to the support of their managers.

One of the approaches to achieving this was to ensure that managers understood the aims of Bracknell Forest Council’s e-learning initiative, the concept and benefits of e-learning and how it meets the training and development needs of managers and their teams.

Need help implementing or re-launching your e-learning?

An e-learning module seemed to be a great way to help get the message across to managers and other employees, so our content team worked with them on this.

They have recently very kindly shared this module in the catalogue, so we would encourage anyone who is preparing to implement or re-launch e-learning to take a look, as you might find it a useful base for your own needs:

Preview ‘Bracknell Forest Council’s ‘e-Learning for Managers Module’

Creating award winning e-learning

You will all know how Learning Pool is always proud of our customers’ achievements, and we were thrilled to hear that Bracknell Forest Council has received an award from the Bracknell Forest Partnership (which includes police and fire services) for ‘significant achievement and performance’ in developing the e-learning zone.

They were also nominated for a Learning Pool Customer of the Year Award. 

So, a final ‘well done’ to Bracknell Forest Council and here’s to another great year of e-learning success!

Connect with Janine & Sean

Why not connect with learning and development professionals like Janine and Sean by joining the Learning Pool community for free here.


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