Our Authoring Tool

Building engaging, high quality e-learning should be something that anyone can do so we’ve built an authoring tool to help our customers do just that.

Based on our years of working with people in local government, we’ve built our authoring tool to let you create e-learning that is as sophisticated as you want it to be, and is completely editable and guaranteed to run on any Learning Management System.

Who it’s for

What it does

Why it’s great

How much it costs

People who want to create online learning for their audience. The authoring tool is for anyone from beginners with little or no technical skills to web editors who know their way around technologies like Adobe Flash.

Authors can create brand new content using images from our image library, video from other Learning Pool subscribers and subject matter from their own organisation.

It’s also for people who aren’t quite ready to build their own content. This group can just choose from the learning catalogue and adapt it to what they need in a morning so learners can learn that afternoon.

The authoring tool is template driven so you can create your own e-learning from scratch, tailor or repurpose existing content created by other members or build on elements developed by our subject matter experts.

Every template builds on the last and lets you build screens which are simple or complex depending on what you need.

With more than 15 templates to choose from you can build e-learning containing drag and drop, questions, timelines and clickable graphics.

Sophisticated users can also drop in video and audio files to give their module even more impact. 

We’ve built most of our services around our Authoring Tool so all the content in our Learning Catalogue can be edited and updated using this tool.

That means that subscribers can adapt an existing module in minutes, add new screens from a range of templates and publish the new module to a Learning Management System without spending any money or wasting any time.

Our Authoring Tool also comes with free upgrades and lots of online support and free tutorials to help the thousands of people who use it.

The Authoring Tool is completely free as part of the Learning Pool subscription, regardless of which level you subscribe to.

Even better, we give you free training to help you and your team get to know the technology and how they can use the instructional design process to make great learning. 



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