e-learning for councillors

E-Learning for Councillors

Modern Councillor is a suite of online learning content designed specifically for elected members in today’s demanding society.

A subscription to Modern Councillor provides elected members with full access to relevant content for a fraction of the cost of classroom based training.



Who it’s for

What it gives you

Why it’s great

How much it costs

Modern Councillor is designed for councillors who are newly elected and for those who are more experienced but need to refresh their knowledge.

Typically bought by Member Development Officers in councils with a learning culture, this product is best used as part of other councillor training programmes to give councillors the training they need, when they need it.

Modern Councillor gives you:

  • 14 e-learning modules available whenever and wherever the Councillor has an internet connection.
  • Engaging and flexible online learning resources.
  • Management reporting for councils to measure return on investment.

Modern Councillor is a hugely popular because it gives busy councillors the learning they need, any time they need it.

The content is also highly relevant and allows councillors to learn in private without scrutiny from political rivals.

For councils, Modern Councillor adds to existing training programmes and provides useful management information.

The Modern Councillor annual subscription costs £1,000 (exc VAT) per council.

If you have more than 100 people to train, contact us for a quote.

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