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The Learning Pool LMS is a learning management system for organisations that require maximum impact from their training including proven return on investment. 

With extensive management tools and detailed reporting, our LMS allows you to manage all kinds of resources as well as assess the effectiveness of your e-learning and other learning assets. It provides you with the tools and management information you need to maximise impact and cost-effectiveness.

Built on open source technology and hosted by us, our LMS  is always low cost and constantly improves over time.

As Totara LMS partners, Learning Pool offers a solution for aligning talent development with organisational strategies and integrating L&D with other business systems.

Choose the option that matches your organisation’s learning needs. 

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Learning Pool Learning Management System


Totara LMS – Talent Management System


What it does

You can manage, assess and even promote your e-learning programme on our LMS.

It also incorporates added functionality to help make your e-learning work even harder, allowing you to create forums, publish video and host online chats.

What it does

Totara LMS enables you to actively manage the development of your team with individual development plans and programme management.

It also assists efficient management of face to face training sessions with learner self service.

Why it’s great

This LMS is used by over 300 organisations in the UK. It has been designed by experts in the public sector and built and maintained by the Learning Pool team. 

There’s so much to like about it including:

  • extremely low cost of ownership with no set up fees and a simple subscription contract
  • complete management of all the technology by Learning Pool
  • free software upgrades
  • user support included the subscription price
  • detailed reporting for managers and administrators
  • a community of other users to help you make the most out of your set-up and configuration

Why it’s great

Totara LMS is used by global corporations with well-respected talent management programmes.

There’s so much to like about Totara including:

  • all of the great features of the DLE
  • ability to map learning to individual job roles and departments
  • integration with HR and other business systems
  • classroom course management
  • reporting of course completion by organisational unit, job role, completion status etc.
  • automatic reminders of refresher trainingMore info on Totara LMS


How much does it cost?

The Learning Pool LMS and Totara are provided as part of a Learning Pool subscription and various different solutions are available.

The cost depends on the level of service you need and prices start at £1 per person for a full year.



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