In the community

In the community we try to do our best to help organisations that do good things and can use our support. 

Here are some of the organisations we’re working with right now.



ICAP is a mental health charity that helps Irish immigrants living in the UK. Learning Pool values and believes in the aims of ICAP.

We were therefore honoured to help create a new website to make it easier for staff, many of whom are volunteers, to do their jobs whilst improving the way ICAP’s clients connect with them online.

Digital Circle

Digital Circle is the organisation tasked with building a creative digital industry in Northern Ireland. As a creative start-up, Learning Pool is happy to be able to help this organisation and Mary McKenna has been chairperson of the group in 2010-11.

Digital Derry

Digital Derry is a group that is trying to help Derry become a great place to create and grow a digital business. Paul McElvaney is a founding member of Digital Derry and actively involved in the action team that runs this ambitious endeavour.


Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise is Northern Ireland’s education charity set up to build links with schools and industry. The Learning Pool team actively supports Young Enterprise by helping out at their events and working with school kids to encourage them into careers in technology and entrepreneurship.

School Employer Connections

School Employer Connections is a local charity that helps school kids learn about what the world of work will look like. The Learning Pool team supports this by taking time out to talk to kids about what life is like in a company like Learning Pool and answer questions about how they should get into the technology industry.

The Millennium Forum

The Millennium Forum is one of Ireland’s largest purpose-built theatres. Located in Derry, the Millennium Forum does great work in bringing communities together around cultural events. For more than 8 years, Learning Pool director Mary McKenna has been a board member of the Forum in her spare time.


Breast Cancer Awareness

Our customers and community members helped us to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness recently by dressing in pink.  Staff members dressed in pink each earned £5 for the charity plus, for every photo we received of a customer wearing pink, we also donated £1. If one of our collectable pink pigs was also in the customer’s photo we paid £1.50.  We had a lot of fun and raised £500.

Belmont House Special School

Belmont House Special School in Derry is made up of Learning Centres catering for a wide range of children with special needs including Moderate Learning Difficulties, Language Disorders and Emotional and Behaviour Difficulties.  A team from Learning Pool donated time and paint over a weekend to give one of the (large) classrooms and adjoining kitchen a makeover.

Red Nose Day

Our support of Red Nose Day has included a Bring and Buy sale in our office on Clarendon Street. We donned our red noses to sell bric-a-brac and the cakes we’d baked to our neighbours.