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February 20, 2012 by Paul McElvaney

We’re celebrating at Learning Pool today because we’ve had confirmation that our services are now available to purchase through the government’s G-Cloud framework (www.govstore.net).  

This is great news for us and more importantly for our customers who’ll now be able to get access to our services through a much more straightforward buying process.

This will mean drastic reductions in the costs of procurement, not to mention the flexibility and reduced timescales that this will all bring.

Earlier this year, Liam Maxwell, the chief at ICT Futures and supporter of companies like Learning Pool, was quoted as saying that G-Cloud will enable government to buy technology ‘like stationery’…which we think is pretty cool.

What is it?

G-Cloud is a framework agreement that means that public sector organisations wishing to buy services from Learning Pool can do so directly from the framework rather than by going through expensive and onerous procurement processes.

G-Cloud is an important element of the government’s ICT and modernisation strategy. It’s a vehicle that should enable government to buy modern, cloud based services from a wide range of organisations.

As a tangible example of how government will engage more with the small business community while embracing truly innovative technology solutions this is a high profile test of whether the government can innovate to improve, while saving money.

Who can use this?

G-Cloud is open to any public sector organisation in the UK so local authorities, housing associations, central government, NHS, schools, Fire and Rescue authorities, police – there’s quite a list.  If you think your organisation is eligible and you want to know how to purchase Learning Pool services this way then please contact us.

What does it mean?

We anticipate that CloudStore will help organisations who’ve been stuck in difficult procurement processes immediately.  A four step process gives clear advice on how to purchase the services of the suppliers so that organisations can get on with doing what they want to…making government better with Learning Pool’s help!

What next?

Get in touch to discuss how G-Cloud can make your life easier and how we can work together.
Have a look at G-Cloud in full technicolour at www.govstore.net

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