New City, New Opportunities: 30 new Open Source Developer jobs to be created in Derry

December 7, 2012 by Emma Whiteside

Learning Pool has partnered with Cpl Resources Plc to recruit 30 people for them over the next two to three years in technology, technical support and content development roles.

We’re initially looking for people to join our software team, so if you’re an open source developer or even a .net engineer and looking to grow on a new platform, such as the LAMP stack – Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, then this is an ideal opportunity to live in the Northwest of Ireland and rapidly develop your technical skills.

We’ll also provide cross training from .Net or Java into PHP to assist in your transition. With a potential of 30 new PHP developer positions over the next few years, we’re interested in talking to everyone with the right attitude and appetite for joining a high growth company.

We’re also adding roles across customer and technical support and content development where we are interested in talking to graphic designers, instructional designers, technical writers and project managers.

Cpl, IT recruitment consultant Neil Corrigan spoke about this exciting new partnership with Learning Pool, “This unique opportunity is an exciting venture for Cpl to work in sync with a thriving online e-learning provider in the Northwest. This will be a fruitful partnership creating many new jobs in a booming sector and we are humbled to be included in this going forward”.

Learning Pool Director, Paul McElvaney spoke about the positive nature of their relationship with Cpl, “As a growing company with high standards and a great team, finding the people with the right skills and more importantly the right attitude is absolutely critical for Learning Pool. Cpl has successfully placed many of the people who are currently driving our growth. Their ability to really understand what we need and to find interesting candidates in a crowded marketplace, makes us happy to keep working with the Cpl team.”

Paul went on to describe the Learning Pool Company ethos as being “challenging, rewarding and fun”. He said that their staff aspire to make the business a great place to work and one where they can achieve their career ambitions. “The result is that they work really hard and are rewarded and recognised for that. Best of all they are part of something that we all believe in and we think is pretty special.”

Derry is the only remaining walled city in Ireland, it has become a vibrant and exciting city to live and work in and offers a rich 1500 year history. In 2013 it will be celebrating its status as the ‘City of Culture’. Derry boasts many major shopping outlets and popular high street chains, the cost of living remains relatively low, and the city is very close to Donegal, which has a plethora of beaches and outdoor activities.

For more information and to apply for these roles, visit Cpl Northern Ireland here. 

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