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New to E-learning

Are you new to the world of e-learning? Check out our FAQ's and free resources designed for those who are at the early stages of their e-learning journey.
new to elearning

What is e-learning? Quite simply, e-learning is using technology to deliver training anytime, anyplace.

It can be known as a number of different things and spelled in a number of ways including online learning, online training, elearning, e-learning and e learning.

7 great reasons to use e-learning

What is e-learning used for? There are a number of benefits associated with implementing e-learning and our customers come to us for different reasons. Here are some of the top reasons why Learning Pool customers use our services. View the inforgraphic here.

1. Scalable, Efficient and Fast

E-learning gives you the ability to quickly create and communicate new policies and training. By using our Authoring Tool and our Learning Management System you’ll be able to roll-out to large audiences cost-effectively.

2. Capacity and consistency

E-learning offers the ability to achieve high levels of coverage among your target audience and ensures the message communicated is consistent. This means all learners get the same training.

3. Higher Learning Retention than traditional learning

Blended learning results in higher knowledge retention rate as it appeals to a wider range of learning styles. There’s also the added ability to refresh or update coursework whenever it’s needed and learn at a pace that suits your learners.

4. Using e-learning saves you time and money

It reduces time away from the workplace, cuts down on expensive travel and reduces the need for costly classroom-based training.

5. Measuring learning activity and proving return on investment

Using our Learning Management System, tracking Learner progress is a breeze and reporting on activity is a button press away.

6. Reduce your carbon footprint

By delivering your training online and testing your staff through online quizzes you’re providing alternatives to paper-based forms of learning and testing.

7. Flexibility and finding hard to reach people

E-learning can give staff the freedom to learn when and where they want, and at their own pace. You can train staff who would usually be in remote locations and have trouble getting to and from classroom training venues.

Frequently asked questions

An e-learning module is made up of chunks of information used to educate or inform. Just like a classroom based module includes subject specific information, so does an e-learning module. Modules can include text, images, videos, quiz’s, questionnaires, PDFs or whatever resources you like. We create SCORM compliant modules. In layman’s terms that means they can be delivered from a wide variety of platforms and Learning Management Systems. 

Yes you can! If you choose us as your e-learning provider you can use our Authoring Tool to create e-learning that perfectly matches your requirements. You get our Authoring Tool free with any Learning Pool e-learning subscription and it has been designed for anyone from beginners with little or no technical skills to web editors who know their way around technologies like Adobe Flash. It is template driven so you can create your own e-learning from scratch. Alternatively you can tailor or adapt existing content from our ever growing e-learning catalogue created by other members, or built by our subject matter experts.

An LMS is a Learning Management System, a software application you can use to deliver your e-learning from. Think of it as your online classroom where you can roll out your training content to your staff as well as manage progress and completion. We offer the Learning Pool LMS and also provide Totara LMS. These products are both web based so there’s no installation or server hardware required. They also let you track, document and export reports on staff progress and completion rates. To learn more about our LMS solutions click here.

The term ‘open source’ means that the source code of an application can be downloaded and modified by any software developer. Its license, or terms of use, also guarantees the right to access to use, reuse and redistribute the software with no royalty costs. This is in contrast to closed proprietary software which restricts these rights. Both the Learning Pool LMS and Totara LMS are distributions of Moodle, the leading Open-Source learning platform. Our Moodle certified developers continually enhance existing functionality to meet the requirements of our customers. At Learning Pool we believe that Open-Source is a great approach to providing low cost learning services to our customers and it enables us to give customers great value for money. For further reading on open source, why not check out 5 compelling reasons why open source software is brilliant and Facts and myths about open source software, two fantastic blogs by Learning Pool CEO Paul McElvaney.

Yes you can! E-learning has to be part of the overall learning and development strategy, not a standalone solution. It is often seen only as a solution to reduced budgets and a cost cutting exercise – yet it has many positive advantages that improve your return of investment and increase the availability of on demand training, and not just a way to reduce classroom costs. E-learning can be used in a blended approach in a number of ways.

1. It can be used to ensure everyone attending a classroom event has the same level of knowledge about a subject, especially where you have policies, procedures or legislation to train around.

2. You can make more impact with your classroom time, helping your delegates by facilitating on skills development, sharing case studies or engaging in group discussions.

3. After your classroom event you can use e-learning and your LMS if you have one to create a range of post course activities, such as assessments and evaluations, to measure the impact of the course, or facilitate further discussion. At Learning Pool we believe in blended learning so we provide Classroom Connect to help our customers manage and co-ordinate their blended programmes and take the administration out of booking rooms. Classroom Connect is the key to integrating the management of your classroom and online training all in one place. Find out more here.

Depending on which e-learning provider you choose, support levels vary. Some providers may provide you with your LMS and e-learning solution then charge you extra for support so this is something to be weary of when sourcing e-learning providers. At Learning Pool we don’t believe this is good practice and we offer every customer free unlimited support from our Helpdesk and free online tutorials and webinars for the lifetime of your subscription.

Depending on which of our four e-learning solutions you choose, your on-site support varies and could include a combination of, or all of the following:

  • A dedicated learning consultant to help drive your strategy and measure your progress
  • An assigned technical support executive to administer your Learning Pool LMS
  • Unlimited email and phone support from our highly trained team
  • A tailored 1 day induction – we’ll even come to you!
  • Dedicated coaching on site with your teams when you need it throughout your subscription
  • Online tutorials for you to access when you need to
  • Dedicated webinars on demand
  • Management of your learner records
  • Support to tailor your e-learning content (10 days per annum)
  • Integration with your HR system
  • We’ll help you launch your service and make a big splash! 

Prices vary based on your needs and the size of your organisation. At Learning Pool our subscription is offered in 4 ways to suit every organisation and every budget. We don’t charge set up fees and there are no hidden costs – we’re passionate about that and we won’t change it so you can rest assured that the price won’t change unexpectedly! You can request a tailored quote here.

Of course! This is something that we encourage at Learning Pool and for that reason we have built the UK’s largest e-learning community where you can talk and interact with other L&D professionals, ask questions, share ideas and find out if others are creating similar e-learning programmes or content. Our e-learning community and forum has over 13,000 members, to join and to see what others are talking about visit here

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