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Custom E-learning

custom e-learning
We know you need your custom e-learning to be flexible and responsive. You need content that engages learners, tracks progress and delivers targeted outcomes.
custom e-learning

Our Content Development team is on-hand to make this possible. They will listen to what you need, ask questions about your learners and measures of success, and provide you with straight forward methods of creating an e-learning experience built specifically for you.

Check out a few examples of our custom e-learning:

rapid e-learning

Rapid e-learning uses development tools that enable us to put your modules together efficiently and in a time-frame that meets your needs. It also means we can replicate the style and design of any existing modules you may have and gives you the ability to make any edits you need to in the future. Our in house team of instructional designers and content specialists are able to work with you to develop online learning in a number of tools that include both our own and other industry...

simulation e-learning

Simulation e-learning is online training that mimics a 'real' system to allow users to practice and become familiar with new IT software in a safe environment.

mobile learning

Learning Pool Encore is our mobile learning app that provides learners with content that is time delayed from the moment they take the initial learning. This approach is designed to support blended learning, so having completed an e-learning module or attended a training event, learners will receive ongoing performance support over time via their mobile.

responsive e-learning

Responsive e-learning means that your e-learning needs to be smart enough to adapt to the technology that your learners are using and ensure that they never have to compromise on their user experience.