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Totara LMS

Putting emphasis on the person not the course, Totara LMS allows you to better manage performance right across your organisation. This is a solution for aligning talent development with organisational strategies to meet the challenge of moving towards a performance management culture.
totara lms

As the leading Totara LMS platinum partner we support organisations using Totara LMS to improve talent management workforce productivity.

Based on world leading open source technology, Totara LMS offers a low cost, highly customisable alternative to expensive and inflexible systems. Our customers love that they can be up and running in weeks and that the roadmap of enhancements keeps growing as they do.

If you’re looking to build a high performing organisation where talent is managed, productivity grows and users have control of their learning you’ve found it. It’s called Totara LMS!

Totara is the solution for organisations that wish to map staff skills and competencies to organisational strategies and integrate L&D with other business systems.

It gives you all of the features of our LMS plus the ability to manage your talent through programmes and tailored learning plans.

With Totara you can actively manage the development of your team with individual development plans and programme management. It’s a game-changing LMS for the corporate sector, comprising a rich feature set and commercial grade support but with all of the benefits and freedom open source brings to play.

• All the great features of our LMS
• Ability to map learning to individual job roles and departments
• Performance management
• Competency management
• Programme management with the ability to create learning paths
• Ensure compliance with automatic reminders of refresher training
• Sophisticated and flexible reporting
• Audience based visibility
• Integration with HR and other business systems

We’ve got four innovative add-ons exclusively available for Learning Pool customers that include:


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