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Learning Pool is delighted to be a platinum partner of  Totara LMS, and to offer Totara as an enhancement to the DLE. With over 300 organisations as customers, we understand the importance of managing skills and competencies and integrating this with other business systems.

Totara LMS platinum partner

Totara LMS is a new distribution of our existing DLE technology that puts the emphasis on the person instead of around courses.

It allows an organisation to more readily capture informal learning and better manage performance right across the board leading to improved talent management and higher productivity from your workforce.

Totara LMS is also available to purchase through Learning Pool on the government’s G-Cloud framework.


totara lms 

What it does

Why it’s great

What it costs

Totara enables you to actively manage the development of your team with individual development plans and programme management.

It also assists efficient management of face to face training sessions with learner self service. 

It empowers learners and managers to become more self directed in the planning and evaluation of learning by linking it to their performance.

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There’s so much to like about Totara LMS including:

  • all of the great features of the DLE
  • ability to map learning to individual job roles and departments
  • integration with HR and other business systems
  • classroom course management
  • reporting of course completion by organisational unit, job role, completion status etc.
  • automatic reminders of refresher training

Totara LMS is provided as part of a Learning Pool subscription and various solutions are available. 

 The cost depends on the level of service you need but prices start at £1 per person for a whole year.

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