Winners get inventive with their Learning Pool prizes

January 21, 2013 by Lisa McGonigle

Learning and development highlights from across the UK flooded into the Learning Pool community in December as entries to win one of two Samsung Galaxy Tablets.

Find out below how some of our winners are using their prizes in novel learning ways.

The lucky Tablet winners were Sunderland City Council‘s Dave Sharpe and Framework Housing Association‘s Jon Leighton. 

Sunderland City Council’s winning highlight

Sunderland City Council's Dave Sharpe with his Learning Pool Christmas Samsung Tablet

Sunderland City Council’s Dave with his Samsung Tablet

“My highlight of the year was when a council employee at a day care centre phoned to ask if I could set up an account so that she could use one of our courses. Why was this such a good thing?

  • she was not a confident computer user, but had seen a colleague using one of the Fire Safety courses and thought it looked interesting and useful
  • she had taken the initiative and asked how to start using computer-based learning for the first time
  • it fits a more efficient model for learning – work based, starting with the participant identifying a learning need not just being sent on a course as might have happened in the old days …

I’d like to make things so easy to access that anyone can self-serve without needing help, but to me this suggests that we’re starting to get there and that the culture in relation to learning is changing.”


Twitter winner Framework Housing

Framework Housing Association's Jon Leighton with his Learning Pool prize

Framework Housing Association’s Jon Leighton

Framework Housing Association’s Jon Leighton was chosen as the random winner of our Twitter competition using #LPChristmas.

Extra Learning Pool prizes awarded….

Plus, due to the fact that there were so many other amazing learning and development highlights, we decided to award some runners-up prizes too.

What’s pretty special to hear back is that the winners are using the prizes to further their learning.

Northumberland County Council‘s Learning & OD Programme Manager, Paul Brooks, will be using his runners-up prize to try and increase the numbers of ‘bloggers’ that they have at the council. 

Monmouthshire County Council’s Cheryl Haskell told us that she is currently doing a diploma course and will be using her prize towards purchasing some academic readers. Plus, the readers can then be placed in the shared library for others to use if needed.

Create your learning and development highlight for 2013

Take your first step to creating a special learning and development highlight for the new year by joining over 11,000 learning professionals on the Learning Pool community here.



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