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Creating fantastic e-learning that your users will love has never been easier. With Adapt Builder, designing courses is as simple as booking a holiday online.

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Authoring reimagined

Adapt Builder produces beautiful, engaging and exploratory content. Adapt is different to other e-learning content – it scrolls vertically not horizontally so it feels more like the rest of the web. Users told us that page turning content was boring so we’ve replaced it with deep scrolling design, revolutionising your learner's experience. And users love it!


Adapt Learning is completely future-proofed and Adapt Builder gives you zero cost maintenance so your content is always up to date. Adapt Builder includes everything you'd expect from the future of authoring tools - all at your fingertips today.

tablet and mobile phone both displaying different e-learning applications

Scrolling just makes sense

Designing for a multi device world means that scrolling makes sense and delivering e-learning in this way means users don’t have to learn how to use your content. Adapt content gives your users an exploratory experience regardless of the device they use.

Unrivalled flexibility

Although it’s a rapid tool, Adapt Builder isn’t restricted to fixed templates. Content creators can get creative by using a range of components to create a memorable learning experience. Even better as we build new components you get to use them for free to improve and extend your content.

tablet and mobile phone both displaying different e-learning applications
desktop and tablet displaying Learning Matters LMS software screen

Customisation is a breeze

Adapt Builder lets you completely customise the look of your course, even if your starting point is a module from our e-learning catalogue. You'll be able to change images, add logo, edit colours and fonts, and much more - all from within a friendly interface. See some examples of the courses that have been designed and built in Adapt.

Interactivity as standard

Enjoy a range of interactive components - all to help you build engaging and interactive e-learning. Adapt Builder even supports branching – a brand new component to support storytelling and brings some real sophistication and personalisation to the learning experience. 

Tesco Game multi-device.PNG
graphical illustration of a desk with a laptop, a pile of books, a mug and a lamp

No hassle

Adapt Builder is just a login away. There’s no software and upgrades are completely free. We back up your courses so you’ll never lose your work and you can access Adapt Builder from anywhere.

No cost maintenance

Everyone knows that content goes out of date and in your fast paced job you need to update your content to keep pace with this change. Adapt Builder makes this easy and removes all of those nasty barriers that other tools enforce. Simply log on, update your content and publish to your LMS. Simple… and Free!

graphical illustration of a desktop computer with window/message pop outs emerging from screen, a light bulb on desk and pile of books
a desktop computer, a tablet and a mobile phone displaying Adapt e-learning software

Host your content anywhere

Adapt Builder supports SCORM and soon xAPI (Tin Can) so you can host your content on any LMS or anywhere on the web. If you're using an LMS from Learning Pool you'll soon be able to enjoy seamless integration of your content and your Totara LMS.

The simple way to build stunning, sophisticated content 

There’s no software to download, install or manage and you'll be building and editing great courses in minutes. Your content will look amazing because of the exciting visual canvas and flexible theme settings that Adapt Builder provides.

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