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eLearning Network

Carving a new direction in e-learning

28 July 2015

A 7.04 train is usually nothing to be excited about however this particular train happened to be taking me to the first regional eLearning Network event of 2015. An event packed with some incredible...
Posted by: Lisa McGonigle | Comments: 1

Benefits of Agile Working

27 July 2015

Working is becoming a lot more flexible, with growing numbers of people working from home or other locations, working part-time and shift working.
Posted by: Rachael Rooney | Comments: 0
open source

5 things I wish I'd known about Open Source

23 July 2015

I’ve been working in open source technologies for more than a decade now and have become a passionate advocate for this approach to technology. If you look at the growth of open source across the...
Posted by: Paul McElvaney | Comments: 0
Coffee mug

Writing for the Web made easy

13 July 2015

Do you catch up with the latest news online or do you prefer to pick up a newspaper? From reading on the web and mobile to good old fashioned print, everyone has their own preference.
Posted by: Rachael Rooney | Comments: 0


Meet the team

Robert Irwin
Systems Administrator

Rob makes sure our tech is up to par, performing regular server tests, ensuring consistency and reliability. He also takes care of us, fixing any minor hardware problems in the office- we'd be lost without him!