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Enhancing your Learning Pool Experience with Single Sign On

22 May 2015

Although it's been around for quite a while, Single Sign-On (SSO) has just come into a life of its own gaining widespread adoption. And it's spreading quickly. What is SSO anyway? SSO is a session/...
Posted by: Lisa McGonigle | Comments: 0
Conflict Resolution

Get the skills to resolve conflict at work

20 May 2015

Working in a health care setting can be challenging, when you’re providing a service to people who are often under a lot of stress, you may face aggressive or violent behaviour. Work-related conflict...
Posted by: Rachael Rooney | Comments: 0
Building an Adapt Learning Course

Building an Adapt Learning Course

15 May 2015

Adapt Learning provides an innovative, future proofed and low cost to this growing challenge of providing responsive e-learning and it's creating quite a stir in the marketplace.  ...
Posted by: Lisa McGonigle | Comments: 0

Adult Learners’ Week 2015 | Grab your Free Resources

13 May 2015

As always, Learning Pool are joining in on the celebrations and giving away an awesome ALW Bundle that's free to everyone. ALW E-learning Bundle Exclusively for Adult Learners' Week...
Posted by: Serena McCrossan | Comments: 0


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Graphic Designer

The uber cool and creative Samantha works her design magic on the assets you'll see in our e-learning modules. She loves gaming, movies, drawing and reading and once met Avril Lavigne at a concert when she was 16.