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e-learning for school governors

School governance is a fantastically rewarding job and great School Governors bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to the table.

School Governors must understand their role, know the key issues and how they can be most effective.  Yet only a tiny number of Governors get round to doing the necessary training.

Modern Governor is a 21st century solution for an age old problem - being long on enthusiasm but short on time.  As one of our School Governors said, "If everyone did the Modern Governor programme, governance would be revolutionised."

Modern Governor is e-learning for school governors that's ideal for people who are new to being a School Governor or for those who’ve been doing the role for a while but want to refresh their knowledge. This subscription is typically bought by LEAs and offered to schools via training agreements but it can also be bought by schools individually.

Modern Governor is all the training that a School Governor needs to get started. Containing 21 e-learning modules, this service is available whenever and wherever the Governor has an internet connection. The content is engaging and flexible for Governors while LEA’s get detailed management reports on the training that’s taken place.

All the modules are regularly updated and new modules added (for free) based on feedback from experts in the sector. Modern Governor is a great introduction to governorship for newbies and a professional development tool for more experienced Governors. It’s perfect for appending to classroom sessions (before or after governor meetings for instance).

Modern Governor costs just £89 per school for a whole year when its purchased through the LEA or Governor Association. 

For more information visit the Modern Governor website or get in touch for a quotation.

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