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Totara LMS

As the leading Totara partner globally, we support organisations using Totara LMS to improve talent management and workforce productivity.

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Blended Learning

Our customers use Classroom Connect to make this a low-cost reality by making blended learning easy to deliver in a single place. It's fully integrated with your LMS and can be customised to your needs.


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Learning Management Systems

Looking for a cost-effective and flexible way to manage your training? Our Learning Management Systems let you do just that with innovative, cloud based and flexible ways to manage your learning and talent.

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Custom E-learning

We know you need your custom e-learning to be flexible and responsive. You need content that engages learners, tracks progress and delivers targeted outcomes.

Our Content Development team is on-hand to make this possible. They will listen to what you need, ask questions about your learners and measures of success, and provide you with straight forward methods of creating an e-learning experience built specifically for you. 

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Authoring Tools

Everyone knows that having great e-learning content is key to the success of any e-learning strategy but we believe that its important that everyone is able to build engaging, high quality and responsive e-learning  

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Talent Management

Need to improve your talent management? With Totara LMS, you can capture informal learning and better manage performance right accross the board leading to higher productivity and an empowered workforce.

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E-learning Module Catalogue

Unlock a catalogue of over 200 responsive and off-the-shelf e-learning modules, and easily customise them with our handy Authoring Tool. Our catalogue is growing all the time too, as we create new content and customers share modules with each other.

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