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collaborative working

Learning Pool’s ethos has always been about helping organisations to collaborate to improve service delivery and save money.

Everything we do, including our name, supports that strong statement of intent.

Here are five benefits and five challenges we've identified from working with organisations large and small over the years that we thought we'd share with you.


Five benefits of collaborative working

We see the benefits of collaboration as being:

  1. Money savings can be achieved relatively quickly and the savings can be impressive
  2. Responsiveness can be increased through economies of scale and availability of more resources
  3. Increased capacity and expertise means that more can be achieved for less
  4. Waste can be reduced by better decision making and a broader understanding of the bigger picture of activity
  5. Investments can be made once so that the wheel is not reinvented over and over again

Five challenges of collaborative working

Collaboration also brings enormous challenges and these shouldn’t be ignored.

  1. Sometimes not everyone is starting from the same place; a flexible implementation strategy that is aware of local issues will be needed
  2. Decision making can become more complex and sometimes more protracted so clear communication and a coherent decision making process will be essential
  3. Savings can take time to materialise and delays can be frustrating
  4. Return on investment can be difficult to measure empirically
  5. A perception may exist that each partner is unique and certainly different, so helping them collaborate may be challenging

Our team is among the leaders of driving tangible collaboration and we are confident that we can work with partnerships.

Download one of our free e-learning resources or ebooks or try over 500 e-learning modules free for 7 days.


Download one of our free e-learning resources or ebooks.

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