British Sugar

Discover how one of the world's largest sugar producers successfully made the transition from outsourced development projects to in-house delivered solutions based on off the shelf content built in Adapt.

The Challenge

British Sugar were no strangers to e-learning when they joined the team at Learning Pool. Already keen users of online learning resources for their staff, they were however outsourcing most of their projects, which created a host of issues including long production times and inflexibility when it came to personalising their content. If British Sugar wanted to customise a module to suit their needs, it meant a long back and forth process between them and their third party contractor to make even small amendments.

When it came to looking for a new supplier for their business-based online training content, it was Learning Pool’s clear-cut sense of cooperation and community that convinced British Sugar we were the right company for them.


The Solution

British Sugar have made excellent use of our Business Skills catalogue, speeding up their e-learning production and increasing levels of both user engagement and personalisation. Thanks to the high quality of training and support provided by Learning Pool, British Sugar felt confident in our understanding of exactly what it was they needed.

Learning Pool offers future proofed e-learning, which for British Sugar means not only are all the topics they need covered, but they can rest easy knowing that should there be any updates to important laws, legislation, or business standards, their content will stay on top of an industry that’s constantly moving.

The ease of use and range of the customisation options offered within even our off-the-shelf catalogues is also a huge plus. Long gone are the days of drawn out communication with a third party e-learning designer: with Adapt, British Sugar can change all the details they need in order to personalise their content to their learners, hassle free.


Modules can be tailored easily to fit any section of the business, which means that SMEs are now taking it upon themselves to make specific modules that fit their team and their issues.

All of this has been sleeker, quicker, easier, and much more low cost than outsourcing to a third party, and allows the L&D team at British Sugar to jump into designing and implementing relevant, personal e-learning content with both feet.


Because creating e-learning resources has become so simple, British Sugar have gone from producing a few modules a year at most to implementing our Business Skills Catalogue within their core learning framework, as well as creating 15 new personalised modules.

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