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Developing our managers into talented leaders requires commitment, dedication and consistent, outcome focused training.

Investing in your leaders

The organisational landscape has never been more complex. Most of us are now employing at least three generations of workers, all with contrasting expectations and needs. Having knowledgeable, passionate leaders at the helm has never been more important, which is why training them to be the best is vital.

Effective leadership training can help to build more confident, capable managers who are empowered with essential leadership skills that drive cohesion and productivity between your managers and employees. It’s also excellent at improving the ability of your managers to help increase output and results through strong performance management skills and bolstering team work.

Upskilling your staff with essential leadership traits such as communication and time management doesn’t have to be a challenge with Learning Pool helping you. We offer a range of leadership training solutions including bespoke e-learning and off-the-shelf catalogues to help you get the right training for your teams.

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Bespoke e-learning

Our talented in-house designers will create compelling, smart e-learning that you need to enhance and develop the leadership skills in your organisation. Whether you’re looking to leverage gamification or want a multi-device solution, we have the skills and tools in house to help.

We believe in picking the right tool for the job. That’s why we’re authoring tool agnostic – meaning we decide on which authoring tool to use based on what meets your needs most effectively. Simple.

We’ve worked with clients like Tesco, Yodel and Boots to transform their leadership training programmes to create inspired and motivated managers. Find out more about our bespoke e-learning solutions.

Off-the-shelf catalogues

Our Business catalogue is the perfect way to upskill your managers with the essential skills to support a superior workforce. It’s been mapped to ILM standards, giving you the ability to integrate into a fully accredited programme.

All of the modules in the suite are also fully editable meaning you can simply customise and go! If you need premium leadership learning that your learners can access on any device, you won't find a better solution anywhere. 


"Learning Pool is a fantastic partner. It’s a solution that works and has saved time and money - all with world class support the company is renowned for.”

Stella Heskey, Learning & Development Manager, East Thames Group

Custom Content

Sometimes you need content with sleek, high-end visuals combined with compelling learning design to produce the right business results. Our custom content team is acclaimed in our industry and ready to meet your bespoke needs regardless of the challenge.

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E-Learning Catalogues

We're the world's largest provider of Adapt content with eight catalogues of fully customisable e-learning modules. Our off the shelf approach is different; putting you in control to personalise your learning and publish to every device.

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