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Learning Pool Academy

The Learning Pool Academy provides customers with a fantastic, always switched on resource to help them make the very most out of the service we provide. We’ve built learning interventions that are highly interactive and provide an engaging, well supported route to product expertise.

Using the Academy you can learn exactly how to make your service great for your own users. You'll have the opportunity to take part in real-time activities such as live webinars, forum discussions and live chats and you'll contribute to the development of the learning through online feedback and evaluation activities. Best of all you’ll be supported every step of the way by the Learning Pool team who’ll help you if you get stuck, advise you on the best way to do things and share their experience in real time.

Of course we’ve built the Learning Pool Academy using the tools that you have available as a customer so you’ll be able to ‘borrow’ some of our ideas and use these to make your own courses and programmes even better… what are you waiting for? Get started today.


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