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Quite simply, e-learning is using technology to deliver training anytime, anyplace. It can be known as a number of different things including online learning, online training, elearning or e-learning.

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7 great reasons to use e-learning

There are lots of benefits associated with implementing e-learning and our customers come to us for different reasons. Here are some of the top reasons why Learning Pool customers use our services. 

1. Scalable, Efficient and Fast

E-learning gives you the ability to quickly create and communicate new policies and training. By using our Authoring Tool and our Learning Management System you’ll be able to roll-out to large audiences cost-effectively.

2. Capacity and consistency

E-learning offers the ability to achieve high levels of coverage among your target audience and ensures the message communicated is consistent. This means all learners get the same training.

3. Higher Learning Retention than traditional learning

Blended learning results in higher knowledge retention rate as it appeals to a wider range of learning styles. There’s also the added ability to refresh or update coursework whenever it’s needed and learn at a pace that suits your learners.

4. Using e-learning saves you time and money

It reduces time away from the workplace, cuts down on expensive travel and reduces the need for costly classroom-based training.

5. Measuring learning activity and proving return on investment

Using our Learning Management System, tracking Learner progress is a breeze and reporting on activity is a button press away.

6. Reduce your carbon footprint

By delivering your training online and testing your staff through online quizzes you’re providing alternatives to paper-based forms of learning and testing.

7. Flexibility and finding hard to reach people

E-learning can give staff the freedom to learn when and where they want, and at their own pace. You can train staff who would usually be in remote locations and have trouble getting to and from classroom training venues.

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"The support we get from Learning Pool is invaluable and we have reached so many more learners than we ever did before."

Claudia Rispo, Learning & Development Manager, Wateraid

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