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Public Leadership Voices


We've interviewed inspirational people from across the public sector about challenges facing leaders today. See who we've interviewed, and what they've talked about, below.

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Courage in Leadership

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Anne-Louise talks about what courage means to her and how this relates to leadership.

She highlights key leadership qualities and states the three key characteristics which can often be over-looked as examples of courage in leadership. Louise also shares where she has had to show courage within her own role and what this experience taught her.



Leadership challenges in the public sector

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Dean explores the challenge of attracting talented leaders to the public sector and of growing new talent through apprenticeships and the National Graduate Programme to address the demographic time bomb that is approaching.

Leadership skills in the public sector

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Dean looks at the breadth of skills required by public sector leaders who need to deliver major transformation projects in their organisations.

Leadership within shared services

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Dean talks about the challenges of working in shared services, the leadership skills required for collaboration, the benefits to citizens, staff and councillors of shared services and what he has learnt so far.

Building leadership capacity

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Sarah, an organisation development specialist, talks about building leadership capacity, including how to 'unlock the leadership code' in each of us, how to inspire people to make a difference in their communities and how to develop and exploit your own personal brand.

Developing leaders for the future

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Michael talks about the challenges facing today's public sector leaders, the skills required to inspire and influence a wide range of stakeholders and how Reading Borough Council are developing and nurturing leadership skills in their people for the future.

Mutual Social Enterprise

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Andrew talks about how social enterprises offer a new approach to public service delivery.

He outlines what a social enterprise is, the role of mutuals in supporting local government and explores how they might develop in the future to potentially make a big difference in service delivery on the ground.


Developing engaging community leaders

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Justin talks about how community leadership has evolved and the challenges facing 21st century parish and town councillors who want to improve the lives of local people.

He outlines the skills that are demanded of effective community leaders and what NALC, through its National Training Strategy, is doing to support councillors to fulfill their roles.


Rebooting local government

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Paul is a consultant working in that complex area where government meets technology.

In this video Paul provides a vision of how a step change in the way public services are delivered could be achieved, and explores a process for 'rebooting local government' to help public sector leaders unleash creativity and innovation.

Creativity and Leadership

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Lloyd is a social artist with a background in public service.

Here Lloyd explores creativity in the context of public service delivery, and the importance of learning and practising the skill of improvisation. He makes a call to action for public sector leaders to get 'out of the office' both physically and on the web to engage with people in the creative communities who are doing new and innovative things to make a difference in their localities.

Spotting Leadership

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Martin talks about the importance of leaders knowing their own leadership style and training needs should they be successful in spotting leadership capability in other public sector staff members.

He stresses the need for leaders to engage and listen to staff and through a mixture of informal interactions and formal processes map out for those interested in leadership how they can achieve this position.

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