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101 Inspirational E-Learning Quotes EBook

101 Inspirational E-Learning Quotes EBook

These e-learning quotes are from famous scholars and philosophers, actors and writers and political leaders. Despite their various backgrounds they all show that, although it may not always be easy, great learning can be accomplished through individual dedication, perseverance and creativity.

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Advantages of e-learning

Advantages of E-Learning

Ever wondered why 70% of organisations in the UK are using e-learning? Here are the seven key advantages to using e-learning in your organisation.

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5 Reasons Why Responsive E-Learning Is Awesome

5 Reasons Why Responsive E-Learning Is Awesome

Responsive e-learning is learning content that dynamically responds to varying screen sizes and devices. Here are 5 reasons why we think it's awesome.

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E-learning Project

Key to Making Your E-learning Project a Success

Learning Pool wins awards for implementation, but it's not all about us! Here are some tips, from our experience of working with over 400 organisations, that will help make your project a success.

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Spaced Practice

Spaced Practice Whitepaper

Organisations and learners can optimise their performance, through spaced practice, based on the science of learning. Through formal and informal methods, let e-learning guru Donald Clark guide you through practical methods for implementing spaced practice, that will help you improve learner retention in your organisation.

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How to Inspire Your Learners Ebook Image

How to Inspire Your Learners Ebook

Here at Learning Pool, we know that you'll sometimes have a requirement that is complicated or needs to move mountains in your organisation. This ebook details our collaborative approach to e-learning conception and design and will explain our custom content process from start to finish.

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mobile learning

The 5 R’s Of Mobile Learning - Infographic

One of the most popular channels for just in time learning, there's no question that mobile devices are in the world of e-learning to stay. Wonder what you could be achieving with mobile learning?

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SCORM e-learning

What Is SCORM E-Learning?

What is SCORM and how does it help you provide better information from your learning? Find out how it works and how you can use it better with this handy infographic.

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xAPI Explained - Infographic

xAPI (Tin Can) is a standard for learning technology that allows learning activities to get tracked and reported from any device anywhere. It allows users to track learning activities and record them into a Learning record store (LRS).

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performance management

10 Reasons You Should Invest In Performance Management

Should you think more about performance management? In short - yes! That is, if you don’t want to lose your best staff (and most important assets) to another organisation that actually invests in its people. Still need convincing? Here are 10 reasons why you should be undertaking performance management in your business.

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ways to engage your learners

8 Ways to Engage Your Learners With E-learning

Do you struggle to engage your staff through e-learning? Check out the infographic below for 8 engagement tips that will leave your learners energised and primed to look at your learning in a different light.

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tips to get your learners engaged

Ten Top Tips To Get Your Learners Engaged

Do you struggle to get your learners engaged, enthused and motivated? We know that it's not always an easy task so we've put together a handy infographic with our top tips to help captivate audiences and keep them coming back for more.

Drive engagement, learn how Drive engagement, learn how
Totara LMS Features

10 Awesome Totara LMS Features

Our customers love Totara LMS, and it's not hard to see why. We'd like to showcase ten of our favourite Totara LMS features and tell you a bit more about our favourite Learning Management System.

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10 Graphic Design Tips For Successful E-Learning

10 Graphic Design Tips For Successful E-Learning

Interested in mastering the art of e-learning design? Check out our Design team's top tips to guide you through the creative process to build the perfect course.

Master the art of design Master the art of design
Custom Content

7 Reasons To Choose Custom Content

We know that you might have a requirement that no off-the-shelf solution can meet, that's where our custom content service comes in. We work with you to create a custom content solution exactly to your requirements.

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Using Your LMS For Compliance Training-cta

Using Your LMS For Compliance Training

With the need to meet compliance requirements in today's highly regulated workplace, online training and the use of a Learning Management System play a key role in delivering results at a low cost. In this infographic we have pulled together 7 reasons you should be using your LMS to stay on top of your compliance training.

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Why Choose Off The The Shelf E-Learning?

Why Choose Off The Shelf E-Learning?

It's the question at the heart of e-learning: Should you buy off the shelf or build your own? Our handy infographic is full of reasons to consider the off the shelf option.

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Gamification Design Tips

Gamification Design Tips

Did you know that learners forget 25% of what they learn in "next button" e-learning? With gamification, you can drive engagement with your learners. But how do you design it? Here are 5 top tips from our in-house experts to get you started.

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The Perks Of Mobile Optimised E-Learning-cta

The Perks Of Mobile Optimised E-Learning

The mobile revolution has well and truly taken hold of the e-learning world. Here's why you need to swipe, scroll, and tap your way to responsive content to keep up with today's learners.

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10 Tips On How To Run Your Webinar Like A Pro-cta

10 Tips On How To Run Your Webinar Like A Pro

Thinking of introducing webinars to your e-learning plan but not sure where to start? Donald Clark and Ian Usher took to the web to share their tips on running a successful webinar and getting through the issues that can pop up along the way. We've gathered their tips in this handy infographic.

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adapt builder ebook

Everything you need to know about Adapt Builder

From the very start our vision has been to transform and inspire your people's performance and with Adapt Learning, we're not just responding to the changing face of rapid e-learning, we're shaping the change.

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E-book: Ultimate guide to gamification

E-book: Ultimate guide to gamification

How can you get to grips with gamification, where to start and what does it mean? This e-book outlines what it really takes to make a learning game that works and reaps results, check it out!

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Moodle vs Totara LMS Comparison Table

Moodle vs Totara LMS Comparison Table

Which of these open-source learning management systems is right for you? Learn more about the differences between the two and understand the benefits of each platform in this detailed comparison table!

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Moodle vs Totara LMS Comparison Table

Flash to HTML5: 9 Critical Steps of Converting Legacy E-Learning Infographic

Make the most of your existing content and embrace multi-device e-learning by converting your legacy content from Flash to HTML5. This infographic highlights the 9 critical steps of conversion, which will help you to better understand the overall process.

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Your Ultimate Legacy Conversions Checklist

Your Ultimate Legacy Conversions Checklist

Converting your legacy e-learning content and going from Flash to HTML5 can be a huge undertaking. There’s quite a few steps to take in order to make it successful, so ensure you don’t miss any by using this fool proof checklist.

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