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Previously Delivered

In Progress

Adapt Builder

  • Hidden Hotspot Component

    Release of Hidden Hotspot Component

  • XAPI - Tin Can

    Seamless integration of content on any LMS and ability to host content anywhere on the web

  • Adapt Builder Enhancements


  • Totara 2.9 Upgrades

    Q2 2016 - Upgrade all customers to Totara 2.9

  • Totara 2.9 Enhancements

    UI & UX performance improvements

    Multiple positions

    Ability to edit/delete course completion records

    Multi-tenancy & Seminar enhancements

    Slider block

    Custom button block

  • Totara LMS 9

    Q3- 2016: This update lays the foundations for the next major release, Totara LMS 9 in 2016. Chief Commercial Officer Lars Hyland said: “Totara Learning aims to set the pace of innovation and access to high quality learning and performance management software. With this release we lay the foundations for some major upgrades to the Totara LMS user experience in 2016". 

Recently delivered

Adapt Builder

  • Improved Hotspot Interface

    A more user-friendly Hotspot interface

  • Search Extension

    Release of new Search Extension - a search box will appear in your drawer section that allows free text search across the module. 

  • Copy to Clipboard

    Improved ability to copy items to clip board.

  • Trickle Extension

    Release of new and improved Trickle Extension - lock down modules so learners can't progress with completing the previous component

E-learning Content

  • Business Skills catalogue

    Feb 2016 - A comprehensive list of new titles for a range of business customers built in Adapt and ready to edit and customise.

  • Core Skills

    November 2015 - 67 modules a fully responsive learning experience across a range of compliance and core skills titles.

  • Custom organisation reporting

    The ability to customise reporting for certain parts (leaf nodes) of the orgnisational hierarchy. Great new feature for Totara LMS aimed at complex organisations. 

  • Children's Social Care Catalogue

    Feb 2016 - Modules will meet the requirements of the Social Care Competency Framework and the Professional Capabilities Framework for Social Workers.

  • Adult Social Care Catalogue

    Dec 2015 -  Adult Social Care Suite has been created in Adapt, all content is fully responsive and seamlessly available across multiple devices.  


  • Compliance reporting

    Q3 2015 - New reporting functionality to show % completion of mandatory training based on the hierarchy (Totara only).

  • Support Portal

    Online portal for Learning Pool customers to see the status of their support cases and log issues with our support team online.


  • Encore: Rich Text Feedback

    We’ve made it possible to add rich text feedback to multi-choice question tasks - now you can embolden and italicise your feedback as much as you like.

Next on the list

Adapt Builder

  • Interactive Video

    Interactive components in the video will allow the learner to interact with the video and learn from it.

  • Adapt – LMS integration

    Q4 2016 – Enable builders to deploy their Adapt content straight to their LMS without needing to download content to a local device.

E-learning Content

  • Government Catalogue

    Full Government catalogue in Adapt to follow later in 2016 (currently about 45 modules are live with another 30 to come).


  • Webex integration to classroom connect

    Q3 2016– Add Webex events to Seminar  so that learning is completely blended and reporting is complete.