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Whether you want to build a module from scratch or make some small edits to an existing course, we provide the technology so that you can do this in minutes, and for free. What could be better than that?

Let us introduce you to Adapt, the new e-learning framework that makes this easy.

Adapt Builder

The Adapt Builder allows you to create, update and amend content that's been built in Adapt.

Highlights available with your subscription:

  • It's free to Learning Pool subscribers
  • You'll unlock access to the largest Adapt Catalogue available
  • The builder is online, so content can be created anywhere
  • You'll receive full support and training from our team and the Learning Pool Academy
  • It's been built on Open Source technology
  • Personalise content from our catalogue in minutes to make it your own
  • Easy to maintain - build and maintain a single version of your learning
  • Cost effective - as an open source project, innovations and advances are free and regular Intelligent design - display content relevant to the device it's being viewed on
  • Fluid design - no restrictive templates with a custom design
  • Fully accessible - HTML5 output
  • Track in any SCORM-compatible LMS
  • Deep scrolling design - more elegant and exploratory

As a founding partner in Adapt, we've launched our new catalogue of content created in this framework, giving organisations a low cost, immediate solution to their responsive e-learning needs. 

With hundreds of titles, our customers are the first to benefit from the mass adoption of this great new technology. 

7 day free trial

Free access to up to 500 e-learning modules for 7 days.

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