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learning pool lms

With extensive management tools and detailed reporting, our LMS allows you to manage all kinds of resources as well as assess the impact of your training, providing you with the management information you need to maximise impact and cost-effectiveness.

Built on open source technology and hosted by us, the Learning Pool LMS is always low cost and continually improves over time.

What open source means to you:

Low cost: With zero license fees, our LMS options are more cost effective than other comparative commercial systems. Your subscription fee is for support, not software licensing.

Innovation: Open source code allows us to create innovative solutions that are just right for you. Continuous improvements are included, at no extra charge.

Security and reliability: The code and innovations can be scrutinised by anyone. Firstly, Moodle is very quick to respond to security issues and other bugs. Plus our own expert team is constantly testing and enhancing the software.

You’re in control: We fully believe in software freedom, so there’s no vendor lock-in, putting you firmly in the driver’s seat.

Our LMS is a learning management system for organisations that require maximum impact from their training.

Deliver fuss-free e-learning to your staff, measuring your return on investment all the way through your subscription.

You can manage, assess and promote your e-learning programmes on our LMS. It also incorporates added functionality to help make your e-learning work even harder, allowing you to create forums, publish videos and host online chats.

• No set-up fees and a simple subscription
• Free software upgrades
• Detailed reporting
• Ability to create forums, publish videos and host online chats
• Quick setup with supported roll-out
• Manage both online and classroom training
• Open badges
• Multi-device theme
• Designed with your branding
• Supports social learning tools, including discussion forums, wikis and blogs
• Complete management of all the technology by Learning Pool

We’ve got four innovative add-ons exclusively available for Learning Pool customers that include:


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Classroom Connect

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Knowledge Bank

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Shopping Basket

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