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talent management

Talent Management covers a range of practices with the goal to recruit and keep the most talented and skilled employees available. With Totara LMS you can capture informal learning and better manage performance right across the board leading to improved talent management and higher productivity from your workforce.

The Totara LMS Talent Management system will help ensure you have right person doing the right job and by looking at people's skills and strengths, you’ll see a best fit for each role. Competency mapping used in Totara LMS allows you to take stock of skills in your organisation. This results in both increased productivity and job satisfaction.

  • Ability to customise roles and permissions 
  • Create organisational roles and hierarchies 
  • Create competency frameworks
  • Map organisational roles to competencies 
  • Map user to organisation roles 
  • Map learning content to competencies 
  • Submission of competency evidence 
  • Automatic or manual evaluation of competencies
  • View record of learning 
  • View submissions, feedback and grades 
  • Personal learning objectives 
  • Set priorities and due dates
  • Goals management 
  • 360 degree feedback 
  • Online appraisals

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