Everyone loves a game, and for good reason too. The addictive nature of gaming is one that we’d all like to harness in our learning. But the science behind also means that you increase learners’ knowledge retention and makes your learners more engaged with learning.

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Not just fun and games... our approach drives real improvement

Using game mechanics effectively, you can drive and prolong staff engagement with training and captivate their attention for longer.

Maintain the optimum flow of learning to retain the learner's attention and help them apply the learning to their job role.

Give your learners constant, iterative feedback, which extends their knowledge retention far beyond day one.

Provides your learners with a safe environment to explore new skills and behaviours, with zero negative impact or consequences.

Provoke an emotional response from your learners, ensuring you capture the hearts and minds of your staff.

Triggers behaviour change in learners through unique and impactful training experiences and interactions.

Gamification improves learning outcomes and changes behaviour

Our experience tells us that well-designed learning games lead to a better learning experience for your employees. Gamification is all about using game-based thinking, mechanics and aesthetics to engage and motivate your learners through training. Games that tap into the addictive and competitive nature of humans are more likely to grip your learners' attention, meaning increased memory recall and knowledge retention far beyond their pass date. Games can connect your learners with organisational training and drive impactful and positive culture shifts and behaviour changes over time. 

Gamification for learning
Gamification for learning
Gamification for learning

Learning games that work for your organisation

We think its OK to be unsure about learning games... we were sceptical to begin with too. But they do make a lot of sense; games challenge learners to re-evaluate what they think they already know, and allow skills to be applied in a safe setting, with just enough risk of failure to encourage them to try their best. Our games always make an impact, but let's be clear - gamification works. When they are used sensibly and strategically within training programmes they really can transform your training.

But gamification is still training at the end of the day, and as an organisation you still need it to work internally and as part of the bigger L&D story, which is why all of our gamification solutions are: 

  • Focused on improving learning outcomes and engaging your learners, always
  • Cost-effective , with many of our clients surprised by how affordable a game-based solution is with us
  • Developed by world-class instructional designers who have a critical grasp of pedagogical theory
  • Responsively designed, scaling fully to different devices and screen sizes
  • Able to integrate with any SCORM compatible LMS

Learning games that work for your learners

Creating learning games that truly affect and impact learning outcomes require niche expertise to get it right. Our in-house experts have extensive experience using Adapt and Articulate Storyline in developing bespoke e-learning solutions using learning game elements that affect change and truly capture the hearts and minds of your learners. They do this in a few critical ways:

  • Engaging your employees through visuals, audio, video and other rich media, to create an immersive learning experience.
  • Motivating your learner to put their learning to action through effective scenario-based simulations.
  • Creating connections between concepts and actions through problem solving interactions.
  • Building faith in the content and overall L&D proposition, with meaningful training that is relative to their job role.


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Gripping games, without the pricetag

Building a game from scratch takes time, so we've built an elegant solution that allows us to create high-quality and customised games for you which build upon the information you need your learners to know. We've brought together the best of a pre-built learning environment with bespoke activities to create a gamified experience that your learners will love.

We are passionate about getting our customers results with their training, so whether you have some product knowledge training that needs a facelift or just want to deliver some game changing compliance training, we’ve got you covered.


Our game engine

If you're interested in gamification, our game engine could be just the thing. It's fully customisable so we can tailor it to your brand and training needs, with integrated mini-activities to challenge and stimulate your learners. It communicates with your LMS, delivering completion reports as standard. Clients like Boots UK have already seen excellent results, securing Silver in the ‘Best Learning Game’ category at the 2016 Learning Technology awards.

Our learning designers use the game engine to create a personalised learning experience for your user. Some of the key game elements we can incorporate in your training include:

  • Avatar selection – Your learners choose characters that look like them (or their alter ego!)
  • Mini games – Learners play to reach and retain key learning objectives.
  • Timers – The pressure is on! Learners must complete tasks before they run out of time.
  • Scoring and badging – Learners score points and collect badges as they work through the training.
  • Bonuses and leader boards – Your staff can win bonus points and out fox their colleagues with an impressive high score.

Equally, if you want us to work with you to create a completely custom gamification solution, we've done that with clients too. The choice is entirely yours.

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"The game has really changed the way people feel about training and L&D in our stores; there was almost a palpable sense of excitement. I’ve never had so many people approach me to discuss a piece of learning and how it made them feel."

Steven Evans, Retail Learning Academy Manager, Boots UK

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